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David Emanuel Greenwall was born in 11/3/1892 in Folkarna, Dalarna, Sweden, youngest of seven children born to Anders and Charlotta Greenwall. When ten years old, he came to America with his parents and brother, Evald. The family came directly to Wausa and setled on the farm northwest of Wausa. David was a typical farm boy, working and learning the farming.

His family was active in the Swedish Covenant Church where David was confirmed in 1908. At this confirmation service, the class of 21 members were asked questions for one hour and twenty minutes, both in Swedish and English, on the scriptures and catechism, then the church chairman spoke to the class. David's cousin, Albert Dahl, was a member of this class and he and David were good friends. Davis sang in the church choir and with quartets, having a good tenor voice, and also played the mandolin in the church orchestra.

Another good friend was Oscar Ottoson. On many hot summer Sunday afternoons, the friends would walk many miles to go swimming and they would always have to hurry home to do the farm chors and get to the evening church service on time. David had said he missed the many lakes that were in Sweden, but not in America.

David's father died in 1911 when David was 19. David and his brother, Evald, continued farming, living with their mother. In 1917, the brothers went into farming partnership and bought a farm southwest of Wausa, recently occupied by Elwook Bluncks. In 1918, David and Evald were drafted for the Army during the World War, but neither one passed their physicals; Evald had flat feet and David had a mitral insufficiency and cardiac hypertrophy. The brothers continued farming partnership until Evald moved to his own farm a couple miles away.

David's three brothers, Axel, John, and Evald, all had farms in the area and their mother would live with each of the sons and also with the only daughter, Anna. David met his wife-t0-be, Marie Rodine, when she was helping in the home of his brother, John, and his wife, Edna, in the care of their new son, Clarence, in 1920. Edna and Marie were sisters. David and Marie were married 10/12/1921. (continued)