Grandpa John Greenwall sang this song:

Gubben Noak, gubben Noak,
var en hedersman.
Gubben Noak, gubben Noak,
var en hedersman.
Nar han gick ur arken
plantera' han pa marken
myket vin, ja, mycket vin, ja,
detta gjorde han.

as translated by Lillie Lorenzen in ON SWEDISH WAYS:

Old man Noah, old man Noah
was an honorable man.
When he left the ark
he planted in the ground
many vines, yes, many vines, yes,
this indeed he did

I offer my own version:

Grampa Noah, Grampa Noah
was a worthy guy
Stepped out on dry la-and,
grape-vines in his ha-and,
Just to make sure,
Just to make sure,
we did not stay dry!

There is also this table prayer, which I know is still spoken in at least one household:

I Jesu namn till bords vi ga
Valsigna Gud den mat vi fa

In Jesus' name we go to the table
May God bless the food we eat

Grandma Gustafson treated us to a ride on her foot: (Betty made a recording)

Rida,rida ranka
Hasten heter Blanka.
Vart ska vi rida?
Rida sta och fria
Till in liten piga.
Vad ska hon heta?
Jungfru Margareta
Den tjocka och feta...


Ride, ride on my knee
The Horse's name is Blanka.
Where are we riding?
Riding away to woo
A little girl.
What will be her name?
Maiden Margareta
The fat and chubby...

Here's mine:

Ride it , ride it, rightly
Horsey we call Whitey.
Why should we go riding?
Ride to go a-courting
To see a little dame,
What might be her name?
Her name might be Hattie,
A chubby little fatty!


Here is a children's prayer, also sharing its first two lines with the Lapp-Lisa song "Barnatro" (when a Swedish tenor visited our church, Dad requested that song)

Gud som haver barnen kar
Se till mig som liten ar.
Vart jag mig i varlden vander
Star min lycka i Guds hander
Lyckan kommer, Lyckan gar
Den Gud alskar lyckan far.

Lillie Lorenzen in ON SWEDISH WAYS translates:

God who loves the children
Watch over me who is little.
Wherever I turn in the world
My happiness is in God's hand.
Happiness comes, happiness goes,
He who loves God will have happiness.

I want to try it also:

God, who loves the children, all
Watch over me, I am so small!
Whereso'er in life I go,
In God's hands is joy, I know
Joys begin and joys may end,
True joy fills God's smallest friends.

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