From: "Ruth Rodine"
Subject: Re: recollections
Date: Friday, November 18, 2005 7:00 PM
Bradenton, Florida November 18, 2005

Dear Bob,

What a pleasure to hear from you. I am sorry that I didn't realize that you were at the Rodine Cousin's reunion three or four years ago in Polk. I surely would have chatted with you.

You mentioned Hugo in a picture with classmates in J.G. Princell's Class. Hugo had quite a few memories from his Bible School days under Princell. When the students entered the class, he announced that they would study the Book of Daniel and then hopefully proceed on to Revelation the second semester. The second semester came and they still were in Daniel. Came the second year they still were in Daniel, but with references to Revelation. The same with the third year--. Princell was a great teacher--greatly admired. I'm sure Hugo got his love for prophecy from him.

Axel Thorwall was in the same class. One day someone asked him if he could play the violin. "I don't know", replied Thorwall, "I've never tried". And of course he never did.

When we moved to Denver from Minneapolis to interim the Free Church at the request of Dr. Arnold Olson, then president of the Free Church. Hugo wanted to somehow keep the family "together" so he started The Round Robin. That was November, 1958. This month completes 47 years of the Round Robin. Today I wrote my part as the beginning of the 48th year. As a rule the average time that it takes back to the first writer is about three months. It has gone as long as six months and when that happens, which it did happen when Paul was living, a post card or phone call would jack that person up. But there have been times when it has taken only two months. But to go to six houses, that isn't bad. Even with Paul, the eldest son, now in heaven, his wife or eldest daughter take his place. Jim, the youngest son, takes his dad's place to jack up a slow poke, which hasn't happened too often. The Round Robin even went to Venezuela and to Manila during my missionary days. There are always six letters in the envelope, When it comes back to the writer, he takes out the "old" letter and puts in a new one. Jim called the Round Robin the best invention next to the indoor toilet.

In the Rodine genealogy there were six children. Two are now dead--Grace and Paul. Thirteen grandchildren--one is now dead--Larry Nyberg. 32 great grandchildren and 23 great,great grandchildren. This list keeps me hopping at birthday card time. There are many birthdays in November--at least 12 in the Rodine family, plus another 10 or 12 among my family members or acquaintances.

Jim's wife, Pat, is a distant relative of Mrs. Princell, who lives in Naples--about 100 miles south of here. Each time Jim and Pat are here in Florida, they go and visit her and her husband. It was quite a revelation when Patty found out about this a few years ago.

When Ruth Anne wrote up a history of her illness, I made copies and sent it to Hugo's kids. I felt that they should have knowledge of her illness. Another person that I have kept in contact with Lowry Rodine, Ruth's son. I sent him a Frequent Flyer to attend the dedication of the Hugo Rodine Global Ministry building at Trinity. He wept with joy because he hadn't seen many for years, and the rest he hadn't met at all. We had hoped he would come to the Rodine Cousin's reunion but his wife was so ill, he didn't dare. She is now dead and he has remarried--a very nice lady whom he brought out to introduce her last year.

Quite often when I awaken in the night, I pray for your sister. I marvel at David's faithfulness to her. She has a wonderful husband. I met Ruth Anne and other members of the family before she was married, while on deputation as a widow. I don't think I have met David yet to I feel that I know him as if I had. I have their photo right above me here at the computer--David is in his uniform and it must have been before Ruth Anne was very sick.

I got to be very close to all of Hugo's siblings. They are a wonderful family. Night before last I had a dream with Hugo which comes every once in a while. One lady here in Missionary Village has never had a dream with her husband and wishes she could.

Thanks again for writing. It's been fun chatting with you. I should mention that Hugo's eldest daughter, Ruth (GUS was her husband) also lives here. She was quite close to Mildred.

In Christ's Friendship,

Ruth Rodine

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