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A recent sixteen years has been spent in the state of Iowa. Our home is Nebraska, and more than a decade was spent in Illinois. For that time, Iowa was an inconvenient extension of several hundred miles on the trip from Nebraska to Chicago. Then it become home for a time, and a chance to fill in many stories in the history of our Swedish churches in America.

The oldest Mission Covenant Church was founded in Iowa, at Swede Bend. Its pastor, C.A. Bjork, became the first president of the Covenant. The Iowa story blossomed with the discovery of books about the early Lutheran, Baptist and Methodist incursions into eastern Iowa from the Illinois settlements just across the Mississippi.

It continues to be a most interesting subject for investigation, and the format of posting letters about these findings makes for an easy way to preserve and share the experience. Thanks to our friends at Pietisten magazine for encouraging us!

The internet is an amazing place. There is a Bible verse that could be applied to it: "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Every internet subscriber in my experience is given a chance to post a website as part of the price. Every P.C. owner has the software in place to write HTML files and convert other documents to that format easily. That means the ability to share much with many as never before. It is there twenty-four hours a day, all over the world. And, should one have made an error or wish to change something, it can be corrected and updated with a few keystrokes. Amazing!

Bob Greenwall

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