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John and Elizabeth Greenwall.

Elizabeth and John were married in the Erik Forslund house, which still stands on the Morrill estate site on the south edge of Stromsburg. (note: no longer true in 2012) The log chalet of the Morrills is also on the same site, and the story is that John was among those who helped transport the materials for this remarkable building. Forslund was known as a long-time grocer in Stromsburg. Axel Rudeen, a resident of Midwest Covenant Home, remembered playing with Herbert and Herman as a young boy. His brother and Herbert were also reportedly quite proud of their corn-picking ability. He remembered the Greenwalls as enjoying socializing with his family. Axel also remembered Aunt Anna Dahl. Another Stromsburg resident, Reuben Sundberg, recalled hauling grain to the elevator at Durant at the time John was there. Elizabeth is buried in the Forslund plot at Stromsburg cemetary.