Library New Testament Update 1/08

Anderson, Charles C. The Historical Jesus: A Continuing Quest
Arav, R. & Freund, R. Bethsaida
Asimov, Isaac Asimov's Guide to the Bible NT
Barrett, C.K. Jesus and the Gospel Tradition
Barrett, C.K. The Epistle to the Romans
Barrett, C.K. The New Testament Background
Barton, G. The Apostolic Age
Borg, M. Jesus: A New Vision
Bornkamm, G. Paul
Bornkamm, G. Tradition and Interpretation in Matthew
Bornkamm, G. et al What Do We Know About Jesus?
Bornkamm, G. Jesus of Nazareth
Bornkamm, G. NT: A Guide to its Writing
Bowen, B Strange Scriptures
Barclay, W. Letters to the Seven Churches
Becker, E. Christian Beginnings
Beker, C. Paul's Apocalyptic Gospel
Brown, R. The Gospel and Epistles of John
Brown, R. The Community of the Beloved Disciple
Brown, R. The Gospel According to John 1-12
Bruce, F.F. The Books and the Parchments
Bultmann, R. (by Ashcroft) Bultmann: Makers of Modern Theological...
Bultmann, R. (by Johnson) B.: Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era
Bultmann, R. This World and the Beyond
Bultmann, R. Kerygma and Myth
Bultmann, R. (with Kundsin) Form Criticism
Bultmann, R. (by Perrin) The Promise of Bultmann
Bultmann, R. History of the Synoptic Tradition
Bultmann, R. Thieology of the NT
Bultmann, R. (with Jaspers) Myth and Christianity
Bultmann, R. History and Eschatology
Bultmann, R. Primitive Christianity
Bultmann, R. The Gospel of John
Bultmann, R. Existence and Faith
Bultmann, R. (by Robinson et al) The B. School of Biblical Interpretation...
Bultmann, R. (by Macquarrie, J.) The Scope of Demythologizing
Cadbury, H. The Making of Luke-Acts
Cartlidge D. & Dungan D. Documents for the Study of the Gospels
Charlot, J. NT Disunitiy
Collins, A. The Beginning of the Gospel
Conzelman, H. An Outline of the Theology of the NT
Conzelman, H. Jesus
Crossan. J. In Parables
Crossan. J. Cliffs of Fall
Crossan. J. The Dark Interval
Crossan. J. Who Killed Jesus?
Crossan. J. The Birth of Christianity
Crossan. J. The Historical Jesus
Crossan. J. Four Other Gospels
Crossan. J. A Long Way from Tiperary
Cullmann, O Essays on the Lord's Supper
Cullmann, O. Christology of the NT
Cullmann, O. The Johanine Circle
Cullmann, O Peter
Dahl, N. Jesus in the Memory of the Early Church
Dahl, N. The Crucified Messiah
Davies, W.D. Invitation to the NT
Davies, W.D. The Faith of an Unrepentant Liberal
Davies, W.D. Paul and Rabbinic Judaism
Deissmann, A. The NT in the Light of Modern Research
Deissmann, A. Paul
De Surgy The Resurrection and Modern Bib. Thought
Dibelius, M Studies in the Acts of the Apostles
Dibelius, M Jesus
Dibelius, M From Tradition to Gospel
Dodd, CH The Epistle of Paul to the Romans
Dodd, CH The Authority of the Bible
Dodd, CH The Bible Today
Dodd, CH The Founder of Christianity
Dodd, CH The Meaning of Paul for Today
Eddy, P Who Tampered with the Bible?
Eisenman, R. James the Brother of Jesus
Ehrman, B. The Orthodox Corruption of Scriptures
Ehrman, B. The NT
Erdman, C. The Revelation of John
Estrada, D. & White, W. The First NT
Feine, Behm & Kummel Introduction to the NT
Fosdick, H The Modern Use of the Bible
Fuller, R. The Formation of the Resurrection Narr.
Fuller, R. A Critical Introduction to the NT
Fuller, R. The NT in Current Study
Funk, R., Hoover et al The Five Gospels
Goodspeed, E. Problems of NT Translation
Goodspeed, E. A Life of Jesus
Goodspeed, E. Paul
Glover, T. The Jesus of History
Grant, FC Translating the Bible
Grant, FC Hellenistic Religions
Grant, FC The Gospels: Origin and Growth
Grant, FC The Earliest Gospel
Grant, FC An Introduction to NT Thought
Grant, RM Gnosticism and Early Christianity
Grant, RM Historical Introduction to the NT
Grant, RM The Secret Sayings of Jesus
Guarducci, M. The Tomb of St. Peter
Guttgemanns, E. Candid Questions Concerning...Form Crit.
Harvey, V. The Historian and the Believer
Harenberg, W. Der Spiegel on the NT
Helms, R. Gospel Fictions
Hengel, M Crucifixion
Herklots, H. How Our Bible Came to Us
Habermas G. & Flew A. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Herford, T. The Pharisees
Hubbard, B. The Matthean Redaction...Commisioning
Hunter, AM The Work and Words of Jesus
Hunter, AM The Gospel According to St. Paul
Hunter, AM Introducing the NT
Jefferson, T The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
Jeremias, J. The Eucharistic Words of Jesus
Jeremias, J. The Prayers of Jesus
Jeremias, J. Rediscovering the Parables
Jeremias, J. Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus
Jeremias, J. NT Theology
Karrer, O. Peter and the Church
Kahler, M. The So-called Historical Jesus
Kasemann, E. Essays on NT Themes
Kasemann, E. The Testament of Jesus
Kasemann, E. NT Questions of Today
Keck, L & Martyn J Studies in Luke-Acts
Keck, L. A Future for the Historical Jesus
Kelber, W. Mark's Story of Jesus
Kelber, W. ed The Passion in Mark
Kummel, W. Promise and Fulfillment
Kummel, W. The Theology of the NT
Kysar, R. The Fourth Evangelist and His Gospel
Kee, Young & Froehlich Understanding the NT
Koester, H. History and Literature of Early Christianity
Koester, H. Ancient Christian Gospels
Koester, H, & Robinson, J. Trajectories through Early Christianity
Koester, H. (festschrift, Pearson, B. ed) The Future of Early Christianity
Klausner, J. From Jesus to Paul
Kloppenborg, J. The Shape of Q
Koch, K. The Growth of the Biblical Tradition
Lake, K. & S. An Introduction to the NT
Logan, A. Gnostic Truth and Christian Heresy
Lohse, E. The NT Environment
Lohse, E. History of the Suffering and Death of JC
Lightfoot, R.H. History & Interpretation in the Gospels
Lightfoot, J. (vol 1-4) Commentary on the NT from Talmud...
Lindsell, H. The Battle for the Bible
Ludemann, G. Early Christianity According to...Acts
Ludwig, E. The Son of Man
Lund, N. Chiasmus in the NT
Overman, J.A. Matthew's Gospel and Formative Judaism
Mack, B. Who Wrote the NT
Mack, B. The Lost Gospel (Q)
Mack, B. A Myth of Innocence (Mark)
Manson, T.W. The Sayings of Jesus
Manson, T.W. A Companion to the Bible
Manson, T.W. The Servant Messiah
Manson, W. Jesus the Messiah
Marxsen, W. The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
Marxsen, W. Jesus and Easter
Marxsen, W. Mark the Evangelist
Marxsen, W. The NT as the Church's Book
Matthews, S. Jesus on Social Institutions
Metzger, G. The NT, its Background, Growth & Content
McArthur, H. In Search of the Historical Jesus
McCowan, C. The Search for the Real Jesus
Miller, R. (ed) The Apocalyptic Jesus: A Debate
Montgomery, J. The Samaritans
Pagels, E The Gnostic Gospels
Pagels, E The Gnostic Paul
Pagels, E The Johannine Gospels in Gnostic Exegesis
Pagels, E Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
Patterson, S. The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus
Perrin, N. Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus
Perrin, N. The Resurrection...Matthew, Mark and Luke
Perrin, N. What is Redaction Criticism
Perrin, N. The NT an Introduction
Perrin, N. & Duling, D. The NT an Introduction
Price, J. Interpreting the NT
Reimarus, H. Fragments
Renan, E. The Life of Jesus
Robinson, J.A.T. Jesus and His Coming
Robinson, J.A.T. The Priority of John
Robinson, J.M. The Problem of History in Mark
Robinson, J.M. A New Quest of the Historical Jesus
Sanders, EP The Historical Figure of Jesus
Schaberg, J. The Illigitimacy of Jesus
Scott E. The Literature of the NT
Schweitzer, A. The Quest of the Historical Jesus
Schweitzer, A. The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle
Schweitzer, A. The Mystery of the Kingdom of God
Schweitzer, A. The Essence of Faith
Schweitzer, A. Out of My Life and Thought
Schweitzer, A. Light Within Us
Schweitzer, A. Reverence for Life
Schweitzer, A. The Psychiatric Study of Jesus
Smith, M. Jesus the Magician
Smith, M. The Secret Gospel
Spong, J. Liberating the Gospels
Spong, J. Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism
Stanton, G. ed The Interpretation of Matthew
Stendahl, K. Paul Among Jews and Gentiles
Stoops, J. The Kingdom of Jesus
Streeter, B. The Four Gospels
Rudolph, K. Gnosis
Taylor, V. The Gospels
Taylor, V. The Person of Christ
Taylor, V. The Life and Ministry of Jesus
Taylor, V. The Gospel According to St. Mark
Taylor, V. New Testament Essays
Taylor, V. The Formation of the Gospel Tradition
Thorburn, T. The Mythical Interpretation of the Gospels
Tuckett, C. ed The Messianic Secret
Wehrli, E. Exploring the Parables
Yamauchi, E. Pre-Christian Gnosticism
Vermes, G. Jesus the Jew
Walsh, W. St. Peter the Apostle
Weiss, J. Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
Werner, M. The Formation of Christian Dogma
Wuest, K. Word Studies...from the Greek NT

Intertestamental Period

Boccaccini, G. Beyond the Essene Hypothesis
Edersheim, A. Sketches of Jewish Social Life...
Hill, C Puritanism and Revolution
Josephus, F. (vol 1-4) Works of Josephus
Gaster, T. The Dead Sea Scriptures
Goguel, M. (vol 1-2) Jesus and the Origins of Christianity
Loane, M John the Baptist
Lupieri, E. The Mandaeans
Pfeiffer, C. Between the Testaments
Prophet, E. Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch
Richardson, P. Herod
Scobie, H. John the Baptist
Tatum, B. John the Baptist and Jesus
Taylor, J. The Immerser: JB within 2nd Temple Judaism
Shanks, H. Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls
Shanks, H. et al The Dead Sea Scrolls after 40 Years
Steinman, J. St. John the Baptist
Vermes, G. The Dead Sea Scrolls in English
Wink, W. JB in the Gospel Tradition

Old Testament

Albright, W. The Biblical Period from Abraham to Ezra
Anderson, B. Understanding the OT
Anderson, B. The Old Testament and Christian Faith
Armstrong, K. In the Beginning
Bloom,H & Rosenberg, D. The Book of J

Bright, J. The Kingdom of God
Bright, J. A History of Israel
Burrows, M. What Mean These Stones?
Eissfeldt, O. The OT an Introduction
Eichrodt, W. Thelogy of the OT
Frazer, J. Folk Lore in the OT
Glock, C. & Stark, R. Christian Beliefs and Anti-Semitism
De Lange, N. Judaism
De Vaux, R. (vol 1-2) Ancient Israel
Feinsilver, L. The Taste of Yiddish
Friedman, R.E. Who Wrote the Bible

Glueck, N. The River Jordan
Harrelson, W. Interpreting the OT
Holmgren F. Ezra and Nehemiah
Lundbom, J. Jeremiah
McKenzie, J. The Two-edged Sword
Mellor, E. (ed) The Making of the OT
Mowinckel, S. He That Cometh
Neusner, J. Invitation to Midrash
Neusner, J. The Way of Torah
Noth, M. Exodus
Noth, M. The History of Israel
Patterson, C. The Philosophy of the OT
Ritmeyer, L. & K. Secrets of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Sandmel, S. Judaism and Christian Beginnings
Sandmel, S. The Enjoyment of Scripture
Tucker, G. Form Criticism of the OT
Von Rad, G. by Crenshaw, B. Gerhard von Rad
Von Rad, G. Genesis
Von Rad, G. The Message of the Prophets
Von Rad, G. Moses
Von Rad, G. Old Testament Theology
Wright, G.E. Biblical Archaeology
Wright, G.E. & Fuller, R. The Book of the Acts of God

Biblical Reference

The Interpreter's Bible (vol 1-12)
Aland, K. Synopsis Quartuor Evangeliorum
Aland, Black, Metzger & Wikgren The Greek New Testament
Berry, G. N.T. Interlinear Greek-English
Brenton, L. (ed) The Septuagint with Apocrypha
Cambridge Biblical Commentary (4 vols) Intro, Matthew, Mark & Luke
Eerdman Handbook to the Bible
Neil, W. Harper's Bible Commentary
Throckmorton, B. (ed) Gospel Parallels
Walker, J. Comprehensive Concordance
Wescott & Hort The New Testament in Greek


Acquinas, T. (Bourke, V. ed) The Pocket Acquinas
Acquinas, T. The Confessions of St. Augustine
Acquinas, T. (Hazelton, R. ed) Selected Writings
Alport, G. The Individual and his Religion
Altizer, T. The Gospel of Christian Atheism
Altizer, T. The Self-embodiment of God
Altizer, T. The Altizer-Montgomery Dialogue
Aulen G. The Faith of the Christian Church
Aulen G. Christus Victor
Baillie J. God Was In Christ
Baillie J. The Interpretation of Religion
Baillie J. The Place of JC in Modern Christianity
Barth, K. Table Talk
Barth, K. Credo
Barth, K. The Humanity of God
Barth, K. Ad Limina Apostolorum
Barth, K. Evangelical Theology
Barth, K. The Word of God and the Word of Man
Barth, K. (Gollwitzer, H. ed) Church Dogmatics, A Selection
Barth, K. Dogmatics in Outline
Barth, K. Protestant Thought
Berdyaev. N The Destiny of Man
Berdyaev. N Freedom and the Spirit
Berdyaev. N Slavery and Freedom
Berdyaev. N by Calian, C. Berdyaev's Philosophy of Hope
Blackstone, W. The Problem of Religious Knowledge
Bettenson, H. Documents of the Christian Church
Bloesch, D. (vol 1-2) Essentials of Evangelical Theology
Bloesch, D. The Evangelical Renaissance
Brown, R. Jesus: God and Man
Brunner, E. The Philosophy of Religion
Brunner, E. Our Faith
Brunner, E. Truth as Encounter
Buber, M. Eclipse of God
Buber, M. Moses
Buber, M. I and Thou
Buber, M. Good and Evil
Bonhoeffer, D. Creation and Fall Temptation
Bonhoeffer, D. Ethics
Bonhoeffer, D. The Cost of Discipleship
Bonhoeffer by Nelson, F.B. A Testament to Freedom
Brightman, E. The Problem of God
Chardin, T. The Phenomenon of Man
Coffin, W. In A Day of Social Rebuilding
Coffin, W. A Half Century of Union Theological Sem...
Calvin, J. (Dillenberger, J. ed) On the Christian Faith
Calvin, J. (Dillenberger, J. ed) John Calvin
Calvin, J. (Keesecker, W. ed) A Calvin Treasury
Calvin, J. (by Harkness, G.) C. the Man and His Ethics
Cox, H. Turning East
Cox, H. The Secular City
Cox, H. The Seduction of the Spirit
Curtis, C.J. Contemporary Protestant Thought
Curtis, C.J. The Task of Philosophical Theology
Curtis, C.J. Facets of Ecumenicity
Dionysius Mystical Theology & Celestial Hierarchies
Engels, F. L.F. & the Outcome of Classical Germ. Phil.
Feuerbach, L. (by Kamenka,E.) The Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach
Feuerbach, L. (by Chamberlain, W.) Heaven Wasn't His Destination
Feuerbach, L. The Essence of Christianity
Feuerbach, L. The Essence of Faith According to Luther
Ferre, N. Return to Christianity
Ferre, N. Swedish Contributions to Modern Theology
Fletcher, J. Christianity and Property
Flew, A. & MacIntyre, A. (eds) New Essays in Philosophical Theology
Flew, A. Body, Mind and Death
Francis, St. The Little Flowers
Gibran, K. The Prophet
Gilkey, L. Naming the Whirlwind
Gouker, L. Dictionary of Church Terms and Symbols
Grant, F. Basic Christian Beliefs
Gottwald, N. The Church Unbound
Hamilton, W. The New Essence of Christianity
Harnack, A. What is Christianity?
Hartshorne, C. A Natural Theology for our Time
Hartshorne, C. The Divine Relativity
Hatch, E. The Influence of Greek Ideas on Xty.
Heim, K. Christian Faith and Natural Science
Hessert, P. New Directions in Theology Today
Holmer, P. The Grammar of Faith
Holmer, P. The Scientific Study of Religion
Hordern, W. Laymans Guide to Protestant Theology
Hordern, W. New Directions in Theology Today
Horton, W. Theism and the Modern Mood
Hick, J. The Existence of God
Hick, J. Philosophy of Religion
Inge, D. Christian Ethics and Modern Problems
Ingersoll, R. Works, vol 7
James, W. The Varieties of Religious Experience
Kasemann, E. Distinctive Protestant and Catholic Themes..
Kaufmann, W. The Faith of a Heretic
Kaufmann, W. Religion From Tolstoy to Camus
Kempis, T.a The Imitation of Christ
Kung, H. On Being a Christian
Kung, H. Eternal Life
LeFevre, P. et al Philosophical Resources for Xian Thought
Lessing, G. (Chadwick, H. ed) Theological Writings
Leuchli, S. The Language of Faith
Littell, F. The Origins of Sectarian Protestantism
Lossky, V. The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Ch...
Lossky, V. Orthodox Theology, An Introduction
Luther, M. (Philadelphia ed. Vols 1-6) Luthers Works
Luther, M. Three Treatises
Luther, M. (Dillenberger, J. ed) Martin Luther
Luther, M. Here I Stand
Luther, M. The Table Talk
Magill, F. Masterpieces of Christian Literature
Marty, M. Fundamentalisms Observed
Marty, M. The New Shape of American Religion
Marty, M. & Peerman, D (eds) New Theology #5 Bloch, Moltmann...
Marty, M. & Peerman, D (eds) A Handbook of Christian Theologians
Matthews, S. The Atonement and the Social Process
Meyendorff, J. Christ in Eastern Christian Thought
Niebuhr, R. Children of Light and Ch. Of Darkness
Niebuhr, R. (vol 1-2) The Nature and Destiny of Man
Niebuhr, R. Moral Man and Immoral Society
Niebuhr, R. (Kegley & Bretall eds) Reinhold Niebuhr
Niebuhr, H. Christ and Culture
Niebuhr, H. Social Sources of Denominationalism
Niebuhr, H. The Meaning of Revelation
Niemoller, M. Dachau Sermons
Newbigin, L. Honest Religion for Secular Man
Novak, M. Belief and Unbelief
Macquarrie, J. Principles of Christian Theology
Obenhaus, V. The Church and Faith in Mid-America
Ogden, S. The Reality of God
Ogletree, T. The Death of God Controversy
Otto, R. The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man
Otto, R. The Idea of the Holy
Pannenberg, W. Theology and the Kingdom of God
Pannenberg, W. What is Man?
Patterson, C. Moral Standards
Pelikan, J. Jesus Through the Centuries
Rahner, K. The Eternal Year
Rahner, K. Do You Believe in God?
Rauschenbusch, W. Christianizing the Social Order
Robinson, J.A.T. Honest to God
Robinson, J.A.T. Christian Morals Today
Royce, J. The Religious Aspect of Philosophy
Santoni, R. ed Rel. Language and Problem of Re. Knowledg
Schillebeeckx, E. Christ the Sacrament of the Encounter w/God
Schillebeeckx, E. Sacramental Reconciliation
Schilling, S. Contemporary Continental Theologians
Seeberg, R. History of Doctrines
Shinn, R. New Directions in Theology Today
Simon, A. Bread for the World
Schleiermacher, F. On Religion
Schleiermacher, F. Christmas Eve: Dialogue on Incarnation
Schleiermacher by Gerrish, B. A Prince of the Church
Schonfield, H. The Passover Plot
Scott E. The Kingdom of God
Soderblom, N. The Living God
Soderblom, N. by Curtis, C.J. Soderblom: Ecumenical Pioneer
Stendahl, K. ed Immortality and Resurrection
Strauss, D.F. The Life of Jesus Critically Examined
Strauss, D.F. In Defense of my Life of Jesus...
Stringfellow, W. Dissenter in a Great Society
Tillich, P. (vol 1-2) Systematic Theology
Tillich, P. The Protestant Era
Tillich, P. The New Being
Tillich, P. The Eternal Now
Tillich, P. The Shaking of the Foundations
Tillich, P. The Religious Situation
Tillich, P. Bib. Religion & Search for Ultimate Reality
Tillich, P. Love, Power and Justice
Tillich, P. Theology of Culture
Tillich, P. A History of Christian Thought
Tillich, P. Morality and Beyond
Tillich, P. On the Boundary
Tillich, P. The Future of Religions
Tillich, P. The Courage to Be
Tillich, P. Dynamics of Faith
Tillich, P. My Travel Diary: 1936
Tillich, P. Kegley & Bretal eds The Theology of Paul Tillich
Tillich, P. by Rollo May Paulus
Tillich, P. Church, F. ed The Essential Tillich
Tillich, P. by Taylor, M. ed PT Theologian of the Boundaries
Tillich, P. by Brown, M. ed Ultimate Concern: Tillich in Dialogue
Tillich, H. From Time to Time
Tillich, H. From Place to Place
Troeltch, E. Protestantism and Progress
Trueblood, E. A Place to Stand
Vahanian, G. The Death of God
Van Buren, P. The Secular Meaning of the Gospel
Vidler, A. Objections to Christian Belief
Wach, J. Sociology of Religion
Weber, M. Protestant Ethic & Spirit of Capitalism
White, A. (vol 1-2) History of Warfare of Science w/Theology
Winter, G. The New Creation as Metropolis
Wynkoop, M. Foundations of Wesleyan-Arminian Theology

Church History

Abbott, W. The Documents of Vatican II
Bainton, R. Christendom
Bainton, R. Early Christianity
Bainton, R. The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
Bavink, J. The Church between the Temple & Mosque
Cannon, W. History of Christianity in the Middle Ages
Chadwick, H. ed LCC Alexandrian Christianity
Dawson, C. Religion and the Rise of Western Culture
Dillenberger J. & Welch, C. Protestant Christianity
Flood, R. The Story of Moody Church
Fuller, M. ...The Story of Habitat for Humanity
Goodloe, R. The Sacraments in Methodism
Grimm, H. The Reformation Era 1500-1650
Harbison, E.H. The Christian Scholar in...the Reformation
Hardon, J. The Protestant Churches of America
Hardy, E. ed LCC Christology of the Later Fathers
Harnack, A. (vol 1-2) History of Dogma
Harnack, A. The Mission & Expansion of Christianity
Hughes, P. ...A History of the General Councils
Johnson, H. Preaching the Christian Year
Leach, W. Protestant Church Building
Lietzmann, H (vol 1-2) A History of the Early Church
Littell, F. The Origins of Sectarian Protestantism
Marty, M. Righteous Empire
Sandeen, E. The Roots of Fundamentalism
Shepherd, M. The Reform of Liturgical Worshhip
Spangler, J. ed Seventh Day Adventists Believe...
Stanton, E. The Feminist Attack on the Bible
Tawney, R. Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Vidich, A. & Bensman, J. Small Town in Mass Society
Wach, J. Sociology of Religion
Waddams, H. Meeting the Orthodox Churches
Walker, Williston A History of the Christian Church
Weiss, J. (vol 1-2) Earliest Christianity
Weisberger, B. They Gathered at the River
Williams, C. Where in the World
Williams, C. What in the World


Ayer, A.J. Language, Truth and Logic
Barrett, W. Irrational Man
Bergson, H. Introduction to Metaphysics
Collingwood, R. The Idea of History
Collingwood, R. The Idea of Nature
Cassirer, E. The Philosophy of the Enlightenment
Copi, I. Introduction to Logic
Coppleston, F. ( vol 1-14) A History of Philosophy
DesCartes Discourse on Method
Dewey, J. Reconstruction in Philosophy
Durant, W. The Story of Philosophy
Fite, W. The Examined Life
Fletcher, J. The Situation Ethics Debate
Gardner, E.C. Biblical Faith and Social Ethics
Gilkey, L. Creationism on Trial
Hartman, J. Philosophy of Recent Times
Hegel (J. Fidlay ed) Hegel: A Re-examination
Hegel, G. Philosophy of Right
Hegel, G. Phenomenology of Mind
Heidegger, M. An Introduction to Metaphysics
Hoffding, H. A History of Modern Philosophy
Hume, D. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Husserl, E. Phenomenology & The Crisis of Philosophy
Husserl, E. The Idea of Phenomenology
James, W. Essays in Pragmatism
Kant, E. (Beck, L. ed) Critique of Practical Reason
Kant, E. (Beck, L. ed) Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals
Kant, E. (Smith, N. ed) Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Kant, E. Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone
Kant, E. The Metaphysical Principles of Virtue
Kant, E. F. Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
Kant, E. Critique of Practical Reason
Kelly & Tallon Readings in the Philosophy of Man
Kierkegaard, S. Philosophical Fragments
Kierkegaard, S. Concluding Unscientific Postscript to....
Kierkegaard, S. Edifying Discourses
Kierkegaard, S. The Present Age
Kierkegaard, S. Purity of Heart
Kierkegaard, S. Attack upon Christendom
Kierkegaard, S. (Sontag, F. ed) A Kierkegaard Handbook
Lamprecht, S. Our Philosophical Traditions
Lillie, W. An Introduction to Ethics
Macgregor & Robb Readings in Religious Philosophy
Macgill, F. (ed) World Philosophy in Summary Form
Marias, J. History of Philosophy
Molina, F. Existentialism as Philosophy
Moore, G.E. Philosophical Studies
Nietzsche, F. Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Nietzsche, F. Beyond Good and Evil
Nietzsche, F. The Will to Power
Nietzsche, F. (Frenzel, I. ed) F. Nietzsche, An Illustrated Biography
Paine, T. The Essential Thomas Paine
Perelman, C. Historial Introduction to Philosophical Thin...
Plantinga, A. (ed) The Ontological Argument
Plato The Republic
Plato (Wilbur & Allen eds) The Worlds of Plato and Aristotle
Popkin & Stroll Philosophy Made Simple
Reichenbach, H. The Rise of Scientific Philosophy
Roberts, D. Existentialism and Religious Belief
Russell, B. The Problems of Philosophy
Russell, B. Mysticism and Logic
Russell, B. (Egner & Denonn eds) The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell
Sartre, J. Being and Nothingness
Sartre, J. Between Existentialism and Marxism
Sartre, J. Existentialism and Human Emotions
Sartre, J. (Cuming, R. ed) Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre
Santayana, G. Skepticism and Animal Faith
Seneca (Hadas, M. ed) The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca
Scribner Series (vol 1-12) Philosophy Series
Singer & Ammerman Introductory Readings in Philosophy
Socrates (Cornford, F. ed) Before and After Socrates
Socrates (Levin, R. ed) The Question of Socrates
Vico, G. The New Science of Giambattista Vico
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Immigrant Swedish Church

Anderson, C. Gracious Bounty (Halland settlement IA)
Anderson, P. A Precious Heritage
Anderson, P. & Blanck, D. Swedes in the Twin Cities
Arden, G. Augustana Heritage
Attebery, J.E. Up in the Rocky Mountains
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Augustana-Synoden Kyrcho-Handbok
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Swedish Songbooks

Psalm-Boken 1819
Sionsharpan 1890
Kristliga Korsanger 1891 A.L. Skoog
Sions Basun 1922
Sanger of Lammets Lof
Nytt och Gammalt (Augustana)
Waermo, E Jesus our Helmsman & Other Songs
Unknown Conference Hymns (swedish & english)
Erickson, A. Sions Froidebud (sw) 1902-Aug. Davis songs

Covenant Books

Almquist, L.A. Debtor Unashamed
Anderson, C. There Was A Man (Paul Carlson)
Anderson, G. Covenant Roots
Bjorkman, A. While it Was Still Dark
Frisk, Fryhling, Gustafson et al Biblical Authority and Christian Freedom
Our Covenant Annuals (15 vol) Incomplete- from 1938 to 1957
Carlson, L. A History of North Park College
Carlson, L. Monganga Paul
Covenant Women's Auxiliary Phoebe (history 1916-1956)
Frisk, D. The New Life in Christ
Frisk, D. Covenant Affirmations
Hawkinson, Z. festscrift Whatever is Excellent
Hawkinson & Johnston eds Servant Leadership
Hedstrand, G. ed The Covenant Pulpit
Holmgren, F. Israel Alive Again
Holmgren, F. The O.T. & the Significance of Jesus
Holmgren, F. festschrift To Hear and Obey
Holmgren, F. The God Who Cares
Johnston, R. The Use of the Bible in Theology
Johnston, R. Evangelicals at an Impasse
Larson, G. Pilgrims' Progress retold
Larson, P. The Mission of a Covenant
Lund, N. Chiasmus in the New Testament
Lundbom, J. Jeremiah: A Study...
Miller, M Living with Loss
Nelson, B. festschrift Reflections on Bonhoeffer
Nelson, B. A Testament to Freedom (Bonhoeffer)
Nelson, E. A Giving Spirit (Paul Brandel)
Nelson, W. The Art of Bridge Building
Nelson, W. Salvation and Secularity
Nelson, W. Crying for my Mother
Olsson, K. A Family of Faith
Olsson, K. Come to the Party
Olsson, K. Divine Foolishness and Human Learning
Olsson, K. Into One Body by the Cross
Olsson, K. Meet Me on the Patio
Olsson, K. Things Common and Preferred
Olsson, K. Seven Sins and Seven Virtues
Palmquist, H. The Wit and Wisdom of our Fathers
Peterson, E. Travelling Light
Princeton Covenant Church 75th Anniversary Book
Princeton Covenant Church 100th Anniversary Book
Rees, P. Prayer and Life's Highest
Sandeen, E. The Roots of Fundamentalism
Sattler, G God's Glory, Neighbor's Good (Franke)
Stromberg P.G. Symbols of Community -Immanuelskyrkan
Swanson, V. Life's Crowning Years
Ujvarosy, H. ed Signs of the Kingdom in the Secular City
Weborg, J. Alive in Christ, Alert to Life
Weborg, J. festschrift In Spirit and in Truth
Wilson, E. Christ Died for Me