The angel of Midway; nemesis of Nagumo's navy

One engine, a power turret, bomb-bay doors, belly gunner
and is that George H.W. at the controls?

For a short time, the insignia border was red: here's another that appears to have been "updated."
Planes that look right fly right; are those wings too far back?

The beloved Dumbo rescued many.
Looks like everyone was in the left blister, and had too many carrots.

Martin could draw on Clipper experience for this flying boat.

And for this even bigger one, but not many were made

The best for the last of this photo series; this majestic view
of the first and, the last actual nuclear bomber

There were lots of advertisements for the aviation companies in those magazines, mostly with artwork rather than photos. North American Aviation had the best ones; I can still remember the time I first saw this view of the B-25J unleashing its fury.

Same subject in a wider perspective:

In case you miss, drop a bomb on them!

North American did not neglect their star fighter plane either:

Or the "D" model covering a Pacific landing

Perhaps you can see how exciting the discovery of these pictures was in the "black and white" fifties.

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