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Elmer at age four

Elmer Greenwall was born in January 1905 at Wausa, Nebraska. He was confirmed in the Mission Covenant Church in 1921. He married Margaret in 1930. They had five children: Delores, Shirley and Betty. Elmer and his second wife Alice had two sons, Joseph and Earl.

Elmer's daughter, Delores, wrote the following memories of her father.

Elmer played the mandolin. He also loved to sing. When Elmer's children were young, he had them sing on the radio twice a week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and also for other occasions. He would always help people in need. He would give them money to help themselves. He wrote Latvian, also called Lettish languages. The Latvian people would come to their house and talk to Elmer. He would help fill out their papers in German. They would send their papers to Germany when they came back. He made journals and helped them as P.O.W.s get a job. They were teachers, Doctors and some were in Law, others did any job that would take them.

Delores went back to Sioux Falls and found some of them. Elmer was gone, but they had not forgotten him. There are many stories about what he did for people. He also spoke many other languages. He could read and write three fluently. He tamed wild animals and birds. Elmer loved music, the classics and loved to travel and fish.