The "Indian Song"

This book among all the books on my shelves may have the most special meaning. It belongs to our whole family and for that reason I want to share it. The best way to do that seems to be to understand its words as best I can and put them down for everyone to see.
It is titled "Songs for Guitar" by John Gronvall and contains handwritten verses, some with chords for guitar. It is bound in leather with gold lettering as you see. In "Dahl-Greenwall Heritage" Beth Holmquist Greeno has recorded that the four Greenwall brothers sang as a quartet, and that at least one of the others had a similar book.
Notations indicate it was begun during his days at Bega school, Stanton county when he was studying in preparation for citizenship. While it is true that I know just enough Swedish to be annoying, perhaps it is now at last possible to begin translation. The process is complex, since literal translation ends up not rhyming. I include both literal and the original, so you can compare it with the final translation.
When a tune comes to mind for the song, I refer to the green Covenant hymnal edition for the music. Some of the songs have notations for guitar chords and if anyone would like to decipher them please let me know.

Bega School, Stanton County, Nebraska

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