Translation from John Greenwall's "Songs for Guitar"
Think of the young immigrant's longing for scenes of his childhood home

Mit Hem
(my home)

Mellan Skogan och sjöar och dalar och fjell
(through [or mid] woods and lakes and valleys and fields)

Der ligger mitt lugna och trefliga själl
(there lies my peaceful [or calm] and pleasant [or satisfied] soul)

Mitt trefligan tjell (själl), mitt trefligan tjell
(my satisfied soul, my satisfied soul)

Der ligger mitt lugna och trefliga tjell
(there lies my peaceful and satisfied soul)

Mellan Skogan och sjöar och dalar och fjell
(through [or mid] woods and lakes and valleys and fields)

Jag sturvar så rolight, men vaknar så säll
(I slumber so well yet awaken so happy [or blissful])

Härute i varlden bland klippar och skär
(Beyond this world among rocks and stones [literally"rocky islets"])

Man stöter så ofta, mot bränningar här
(One pushes [or struggles] so often against breakers here)

Härute verlden är oro och strid
(Beyond this world [inserts "Bega"] of trouble and strife)

Men hemma hos Jesus der finner jag frid
(Still at home in Jesus there I find peace)

O säg mig, min vän vill der möta mig der
(I tell me my friend, will you meet me there)

Der friden för evigt skall bli oss när?
(There [or where] peace for eternity will be to us near?)


My Home

1) Mid woodlands and lakelands where green valleys roll,
I lie down with peaceful and satisfied soul


A satisfied soul, a satisfied soul
I lie down a peaceful and satisfied soul

2) Mid woodlands and lakelands and valleys at night,
I slumber so soundly, but waken so bright

3)Outside the world lies like a rock-ridden shore,
One struggles so often against breakers' roar, but...

4)Outside in the world ("Bega" inserted here!) there is trouble and strife,
But dwelling in Jesus brings peace to one's life

5)O tell me, my friend, will you join with me there,
Where peace for eternity ever is near?

If you like this song from my Grandpa and me,
Just sing along with us and you, too, will be...

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