Songs for Guitar #13

O hvilken fröjd a lycka
Oh what joy and happiness/bliss

O hvilken fröjd a lycka
Oh what joy and happiness
jag salig ar och tror
I blest am and believe
Att Gud är nu min fader
That God is now my father
och Jesus är min bror
And Jesus is my brother

Och derför vill jag sjunga
And therefore will I sing
Upp-å mitt enkla vis
Up towards my simple way
Och gifva vänna Jesus
And give friend Jesus
Och Gud mitt lof o pris
And God my glory and praise

Nu är jag skadd på resa
Now I am hurt/bruised by travelling/wandering
Frå jordens mörka land
From/of earth's dark land
Hem till det rätte hemmet
Home to that righteous home
Till Kanans sälla strand
To Canaan's holy shore

Nog hotor synd och fara
Enough/now threat/menace sin and danger
Och nöd rätt många gång
And need/trouble/want right many ways
Men glad jag ändå sjunger
But glad I yet/nevertheless sing
Min lilla hemlandsång
My little homeland song

Om resan är besvärlig
If the journey is troublesome/difficult
Och väg synes lång
And road/way appears long
Så sjunger jag och spelar
So sing I and play
Min lilla enkla sång
My simple little song

Ty sången den förskringrar
For this song disperses
All otro sorg och strid
All faithless/unbelieving grief/care and strife
Och ofta skränker hjertat
And often shouts the heart
Båd glädje hopp och frid
Both glad hope and peace

Och trygg jag hemå vandrar
And safe I homeward travel/wander
Till himlens sälla land
To heaven's holy land
Ty ledd jag är beständligt
For guided I am constantly
Af Jesus starka hand
By Jesus' strong hand

Och snart skall han mig hemta
And soon shall he (bring me) home
Till himlen som sin brud
To heaven as his bride
Då skall och jag iklädas
Then shall I be clothed
En härlig bröllop sken skrud
In beautiful wedding garb

När brud och brudgrum mötes
When bride and bridegroom meet
Och bruden blir upptyg
And the bride is taken up
I nya stadens kammar
In the new city's room
Då blir i himlen tyst
Then (there is) heavenly silence

Serafes sång skall tysta
Seraph's song shall be silent
Kerubers likaså
The cherubim also
När bruden börjar sjunga
When the bride begins to sing
Och gyllne harpan stå
And golden harp is still

Den sång som då upp stämmas
This song (which) then strikes up
Ar lammets nya sång
Is new song of the lamb
Då alla uti korus
Then all the other chorus
Upp stämme på en gång
Strikes up (singing) one and all

Blott du är värdig havfa
Only you (lamb) truly have
Both honor and great power
Ty fienderna alla
For all the foes
Du hafver nederlagt
You have cast down

narrative: A remarkable part of this song is the wedding imagery which now sounds strange to our ears but once was a central metaphor for what the ancient Greek-speaking theologians called "apotheosis", literally, coming into the presence of God. Let's try to shake off the decades of Puritanic influence and get back to the Scandanavian freedom to celebrate connubial bliss as one of God's great natural gifts. No, it's not easy.
Do you feel a strange feeling when, in the final verses, Grandpa describes a hush falling over the hosts of heaven and their harps? And then the dramatic breaking out of the new song. Is it Grandpa who is singing, before all the others join in? What a majestic vision!

Translation (to the tune "All Glory Laud and Honor" 137 green hymnal)

What happiness is mine,
Faith's blessing without end
To know God as my Father,
And Jesus as my friend

So therefore I will sing
Out in my simple ways
Unto the Father and the Son
All glory and all praise

Now I'm a weary traveler,
Through Jordan's murky land
Unto that righteous homeland,
To Canaan's blessed strand

Though sin and danger threaten,
And many things go wrong
Nevertheless I gladly sing
My little homeland song

If troubles fill the journey,
The road appears too long
Then I just keep on playing
My simple little song

To sing this song disperses
All faithless strife and care
And leaves the heart rejoicing
When joy and peace are there

So safely I go homeward
To heaven's holy land
I have the constant guidance
Of Jesus' powerful hand

I know he soon will bring me
To heaven as his bride
In bright and shining garments
I shall be glorified

When bride and bridegroom meet there
Within the blessed halls
Within the holy city
A hush o'er heaven falls

The Seraphim are silent
The Cherubim as well
To hear the song of the redeemed
Their golden harps are still

The glorious song which rises
It is the Lamb's new song
And all the other voices
Strike up the sound as one

For You alone are worthy
Of honor and great might
And every foe around us
Falls vanquished in the fight

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